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e-inSITE, 6/4/2003
Altera Corporation has introduced a new line of fast Fourier transform (FFT) floating-point (IP) cores that have been optimized for use with the company's Stratix family of FPGAs with embedded digital signal processing (DSP) blocks.

e-inSITE, 4/30/2003
Anyka (Guangzhou) Software Technology Co., Ltd. has announced the company's launch of new "MobileFlash" multimedia technology for Qualcomm's BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) platform.

e-inSITE, 5/29/2003
Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced two user-programmable, data-acquisition and processing SoCs that integrate the company's precision data converters with programmable microcontrollers and Flash memory.

e-inSITE, 6/2/2003
Motorola, Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) has introduced the first four members in a new line of 1.8 volt low-power microcontrollers targeted at applications in portable devices such as universal remote controls, handheld instruments, utility meters, security systems and wireless devices.

e-inSITE, 6/3/2003
Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector has launched a new embedded Java virtual machine on its Innovative Convergence platforms for 2.5G cellular design applications.

e-inSITE, 6/5/2003
Wolfson Microelectronics has introduced an ultra low-power, single-chip design that incorporates the company's audio sub-system codec capability.

e-inSITE, 4/28/2003
Analog Devices, Inc. has announced a new programmable processor that supports the audio and video capabilities of the Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series in consumer electronics applications in top boxes, portable entertainment devices, smart displays, portable personal video recorders and digital media devices for the home.

e-inSITE, 4/28/2003
At the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco last week, HelloSoft demonstrated its new software reference design for the implementation of a phone suite that embeds voice codec and protocols on a single DSP-enhanced ARM926EJ-S core running Linux.

e-inSITE, 4/29/2003
National Semiconductor has introduced a new family of low-noise, high-performance CMOS low dropout (LDO) regulators for low voltage, high current DSP, FPGA and ASIC applications.

e-inSITE, 4/29/2003
Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. (ADT) has introduced a new GSM AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) vocoder that runs of running on TMS320C54x and TMS320C55x DSPs from Texas Instruments.

e-inSITE, 5/1/2003
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has introduced a low-power data acquisition system (DAS) IC from the company's Burr-Brown product line that has been designed to provide complete signal conditioning and conversion to portable and battery-powered applications, low-power control systems, smart sensor applications and general-purpose instrumentation.

e-inSITE, 5/1/2003
Net2Phone Inc. and Hughes Network Systems (HNS) have announced their intention to jointly launch and market the VoIP service of US-based Net2Phone over the DIRECWAY broadband satellite system operated by HNS.

e-inSITE, 5/2/2003
At this week's Wireless Ventures 2003 conference in Redwood , Calif., Appairent Technologies Inc. demonstrated a new multimedia technology for streaming video and audio over ad hoc wireless networks at speeds of up to 55 Mbit/sec.

e-inSITE, 5/2/2003
When the going gets tough, the tough can now hip-hop to their favorite Eminem music videos, all without breaking their "gangsta" strides.

e-inSITE, 5/5/2003
London-based Inmarsat Inc. has launched an enhanced universal wireless broadband access in Riyadh, which it jointly produced with Citrix Systems of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

e-inSITE, 5/5/2003
Conexant Systems, Inc. has introduced a new family of MPEG-2 audio/video decoders for cable, satellite and terrestrial set-top box (STB) applications.

e-inSITE, 5/5/2003
Global IP Sound has rolled out acoustic echo suppression software that has been optimized for packet telephony applications in PDAs.

e-inSITE, 4/22/2003
ARC International has introduced a new voice coding library for the company's customizable ARCtangent-A5 RISC/DSP core.

e-inSITE, 4/22/2003
HelloSoft has developed a complete VoIP phone software suite that has been fully optimized for implementation on a single ARM926EJ-S core. The new HelloVoice software reference design -- which implements a phone suite that includes voice codec and protocols running on the Linux operating system -- will be on display all this week at the 2003 ESC Conference in San Francisco.

Texas Instruments (TI), the third largest semiconductor maker in the world, will give more outsourcing orders to Chinese makers, but has no intention of building its own semiconductor manufacturing venture in the country, a senior executive of the US company said on December 4 in Beijing.

Electronic News, 10/2/2002
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. today announced that sales for Q3 will be about $500 million. Earlier AMD projections, released with its Q2 results in July, called for modest improvements from Q2's $600 million in sales.

e-inSITE, 10/2/2002
Motorola has announced improvements to its silicon germanium carbon (SiGe:C) technology for wireless applications that the company claims can deliver longer battery life in cellular phones and other portable products.

e-inSITE, 10/2/2002
Qualcomm has announced the successful completion of what the company claims are the world's first Bluetooth-to-WCDMA (UMTS) voice calls. Both originating from and terminating at the Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth-to-GSM voice calls were made under laboratory conditions using the company's MSM6200 chipset and SURF (Subscriber Unit Reference Development System) platform.

e-inSITE, 10/2/2002
Atsana Semiconductor has launched a low-power media processor for enabling megapixel resolutions in wireless video and imaging applications. Featuring a unique programmable array processor, the J2210 SoC reportedly consumes less than 75mW while delivering up to 15 times processing capability of alternative programmable multimedia processors, claims the company.

e-inSITE, 10/2/2002
Teledesic has announced the suspension of work on the construction of the company's planned constellation of communication satellites for broadband applications. Founded by Bill Gates and Craig McCaw, the company was in the midst of constructing the initial 2 of 30 planned satellites when investors pulled the plug.

e-inSITE, 10/2/2002
In his recent speech before the Goldman Sachs Communicopia Conference, FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell outlined his vision for fostering the recovery of the American telecommunications industry, which he says has lost 500,000 jobs and suffered a reported loss of $2 trillion in market value during the current economic downturn.

Sep 27, 2000 --- ARM has licensed the ARM920T core to Matsushita Electric Industries, and the firm intends to use the 32-bit RISC processor core in its mobile multimedia products, targeting applications including W-CDMA, Electronics Weekly, an E-inSITE affiliate, reports.
The Japanese manufacturer is already sampling its first ARM920T core-based device, a microprocessor for mobile communication applications.

Sep 27, 2000 --- Earlier this week, several chip makers rolled out low-powered processors that offer power management capabilities suitable for deployment in portable Internet Appliances, set-top boxes, and notebook PCs.
Taking a page from Transmeta's Crusoe processor play book, Intel has released mobile versions of its Pentium III processor that feature SpeedStep, a dynamic frequency and voltage scaling technology that adjusts processor performance to maximize battery life.

Sep 27, 2000 --- Handspring Inc. will use Texas Instrument (TI) Inc.'s Open Multimedia Applications Platform (OMAP) in its next generation of Visor computers. It will allow mobile Visor users to gain access to voice telephony, high-speed data, streaming multimedia, email, web browsing, two-way messaging and web-based games, TI said.
TI says it will develop a third-generation (3G) wireless solution for the handheld Visor computers, using OMAP to take advantage of the Handspring Springboard expansion slot.

Sep 27, 2000 --- Information security concerns surrounding the use of the Internet for e-commerce have led several microprocessor manufacturers to embed encryption algorithms and other information protection strategies into their latest chip offerings.
Chip manufacturers are embracing the use of mathematical algorithms that serve as the electronic keys for unlocking consumer credit card accounts and a variety of intellectual property products from music sound tracks to e-books. Some of the latest high-security chips will also feature ID codes that identify the specific machine that is receiving any secure download.

Sep 28, 2000 --- National Semiconductor Corp. and Legend Holdings Ltd., a computer manufacturer in Asia Pacific, today announced details of a set-top box (STB) that combines television programming and Internet services.
The STB utilizes National's Geode chips has already been picked up by the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd. (Towngas), a utility company based in Hong Kong, for its iCare Internet-on-TV Service.

Oct 02, 2000 --- Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. -- LeCroy Corp., based here, has unveiled a digital oscilloscope platform, as expected (EN, August 7). The WavePro oscilloscope platform offers more performance at a better price than competing ‘scopes, according to Mike Lauterbach, LeCroy director of product management.
New LeCroy oscilloscopes in the 500MHz to 2.0GHz bandwidth range will reportedly challenge digital scopes recently unveiled by Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, Ore., and Agilent Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.

Oct 02, 2000 --- New York—EDA vendors with a stake in design-for-testability are in Atlantic City, N.J., this week, since it's International Test Conference (ITC) time again.
DFT can be a missionary sell. Automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) is simple enough, as product engineers are often on the lookout for a way to shorten the time it will take to figure out just which test buttons to push.

Oct 03, 2000 --- Big Blue hasn't reinvented the wheel recently, instead claiming today to have reinvented the mainframe with its $1 billion, two-yea -in-the-making eServer zSeries 900.
The heart of the z900 is the IBM multichip module (MCM). The 5-inch by 5 ¼-inch module contains 35 chips mounted on 101 layers of ceramic glass connected to 4,226 I/O pins by 1 kilometer of wire. The module dissipates 1,200 watts of power and contains 2.5 billion transistors.

Oct 03, 2000 --- Through its recently completed acquisition of Columbia Communications and with the launch this week of a high-power communication satellite for Asia and the Pacific Rim, GE Americom has become the latest member of a very exclusive club.
The number of companies currently operating global satellite telecommunication systems can be counted off on the fingers of one hand: INTELSAT and its commercial offshoot New Skies, mobile system operator INMARSAT, PanAmSat, Loral Skynet, and now GE Americom.

Sep 29, 2000 --- Samsung Electronics claimed today that it has become the first to develop a 128Mbit double data rate SDRAM graphics memory chip that operates at 500 Mbit/sec.
Samsung said it has applied the DDR to boost its graphics memory chip performance by two and a half times using a 0.17-micron design rule, enabling the device to process 8 Gbytes/sec.

Sep 29, 2000 --- Last week it was Intel. Last night it was Apple's turn to issue a revenue warning and pay the price.
The putatively revitalized computer maker's shares were down 51.87 percent Friday after the company last night revealed its revenues for the quarter ending September 30 would be between $1.85 billion and $1.90 billion. The company also disclosed its earnings per diluted share would be between 30 cents and 33 cents, excluding gains from investments, "substantially below expectations."

Sep 29, 2000 --- Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) today said it will supply digital signal processor (DSP) and analog chips to four major Chinese telecom firms to manufacture 2.5G phones.
TI will form a joint venture funded and supervised by China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) with Shenzhen-based ZTE Corp., Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Inc. Ltd. (Xoceco), Beijing Huahong IC Design Corp. and Ningbao Bird Co. Ltd. to boost the technology in what is now the world's second largest mobile phone market.

Sep 29, 2000 --- AMD Inc. announced late Thursday that it is appointing former Motorola Inc. executive Robert Rivet as AMD's senior vice president and chief financial officer. In response, Motorola filed a lawsuit against former executive and current AMD President and Chief Executive Officer Hector Ruiz, alleging breach of contract and tortious interference.
Motorola is seeking injunctive relief and damages from Ruiz, who was formerly the president of Motorola's semiconductor products sector.

Sep 29, 2000 --- DVD Content Controversy Holds Up PlayStation2, Sources Say The dramatic set-backs in the U.S. release schedule for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation2 game console may have more to do with concerns about DVD content protection than the component shortages cited by Sony, according to anonymous sources.
A behind-the-scenes clash with Hollywood has prompted a time-consuming redesign of the console's software and hardware, sources said.

Sep 29, 2000 --- Intel Corp. today cancelled the Timna, its integrated chip targeted at the value segment of the PC market. The news comes at a time when Intel's stock has lost more than 41 percent of its value following its recent announcement that it expects a revenue shortfall for the third quarter.
Worse, Intel has been beset with production problems, delays and glitches for the past year which has caused a domino effect down the supply chain from suppliers to PC OEMs.